Department of Health Systems Management and Quality Management for Health Care, Faculty of Public Health, University of Debrecen

Dr. Bíró Klára  

  Vezető: Klára Bíró, DMD, PhD, MBA

  Elérhetősége: , +36 52 411 600/ 55009 mellék

  Cím: H-4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt 98., Hungary






Main profile

The main profile of the Department is the transfer of organizational and managemental knowledge within healthcare, and thus contribute to the training of healthcare professionals. The fundamental goal is to teach and support such healthcare professionals who will be goal oriented leaders with a wide spectrum of knowledge in order to contribute to the development of healthcare, and thus society as a whole in a world that is ever changing. The Department archives this goal with its healthcare management master’s course.

The goal of the researches within the Department is to analyze the health services provided in healthcare and public health, to identify key conditions that are needed for these to function properly, and to specify certain areas within quality assurance and quality improvement. The studies focus on value-based healthcare, drug use issues, quality management, and the doctor-patient relationship. Since 2007 the employees of the Department have published 52 research articles in Hungarian and international scholarly journals. 

The Department considers its duty to plan, complete and monitor projects related to healthcare management, quality assurance, healthcare law and health-economics via expert activity. Furthermore, the Department actively participates in the preparation and management of healthcare and public health projects. In the past years the Department took part in several GINOP TÁMOP and EFOP projects.




The most important news, events and results of the last two years:

27th July 2020, New healthcare management students for 2020, Based on the 2020 enrollment data, an increasing number of students will start in the MSc in Healthcare Management at the Department. With such a high application this masters course became one of the most popular within the University of Debrecen.