Moritz Kaposi Somogy County General Hospital


Leader: Moizs Mariann MD, PhD

Leader's contact:; 06/82-501-301

Address: 7400, Kaposvár, Tallián Gyula utca 20-32.

Main profile

The Moritz Kaposi Somogy County General Hospital is one of the largest health care institutions in south-western Hungary and is responsible for the care of about 400 thousand inhabitants. It has 33 active and 13 chronic inpatient units. It provides services for approximately 60,000 inpatients and on nearly 150 specialist outpatient clinics for 1.2 million outpatients every year. Its comprehensive preventive and curative activities, from prevention to diagnostics, include outpatient care, active and chronic inpatient care, rehabilitation and hospice, and nursing. 
Its nationally recognized special profiles and professional teams are: oncology, hematology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular care, cardiac and neurointervention, neurology and neurorehabilitation, gastroenterology, surgery, traumatology, orthopedics, emergency care, diagnostic imaging, health preservation and promotion.


Educational activities

The institution is accredited by four Hungarian medical universities for medical / specialist training. It is the official teaching hospital for the Medical School and Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs and the official practice hospital for the Faculties of Medicine of Semmelweis University and the University of Debrecen. Through collaborative agreements, it provides mid-term and summer internships for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, physicians, non-doctors, and practitioners, offering nearly the full spectrum of health care training. It provides practical training place for participants in specialist training. It organizes profession-specific and elective courses, further training courses, conferences in medical and specialist fields.

Consultancy activities

The Moritz Kaposi Somogy County General Hospital is an officially registered member organisation of the Collection of Hungarian Scientific Works. The number of staff with scientifical qualification is 50, more than 10 colleagues achieved habilitation, one is a Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


Under the auspices of the Hospital, an average of 70 scientific publications are published each year, with a cumulative annual impact factor between 30 and 40. On average, staff members hold hundreds of conference and poster presentations, about 10% of which are held in professional forums abroad. The institution also regularly hosts regional and national scientific conferences, with national and international guest speakers.

  • SJR Q1 level article: 17 
  • SJR Q2 level article: 7 
  • SJR Q3 level article: 7 
  • SJR Q4 level article: 13 

Cumulatíve H-index of 2019 year: 3429
Cumulative impact factor of 2019 year: 146,246



  • Mariann Moizs, MD, PhD, leader, 7400, Kaposvár, Tallián Gyula utca 20-32.,  
  • Imre Repa, MD, Prof., strategic director, 7400, Kaposvár, Tallián Gyula utca 20-32.,  
  • Erzsébet Papp, MD, medical director, 7400, Kaposvár, Tallián Gyula utca 20-32.
  • Eszter Héra, MSc, JD, nursing director, 7400, Kaposvár, Tallián Gyula utca 20-32.,  
  • Gabriella Szörényiné Ványi, MSc, Health promotion and prevention office manager, 7400, Kaposvár, Tallián Gyula utca 20-32., 


The Prevention and Health Promotion Office has been operating in Kaposvár for 11 years. The unit was created by the Hospital’s leadership as a model for the first time in the country, with the aim of providing high-quality professional assistance to Kaposvár’s and Somogy County’s citizens in maintaining their health and preventing diseases. It regularly organizes lifestyle change programs, workplace health promotion programs for companies and public institutions, and coordinates public health screenings in Somogy County. It helps with health education in kindergartens, schools and in communities of the city and the county.
Its new program is announced in close cooperation with the City of Kaposvár, the comprehensive strategy of “Be Healthy! - Kaposvár 2030”. Its goal is to make Kaposvár as a result of the widest range of social, civil and professional cooperation, one of the healthiest cities in Hungary by 2030.