MTA-DE Public Health Research Group

Full name of member institute/department or working group: MTA-DE Public Health Research Group

Address: Debrecen, Kassai str 26/B, H-4028


Head/Leader: Prof. Dr. Róza Ádány

Leader’s contact (e-mail address, phone):; +36309676558

Description of the activities of the member institution as follows:

Main profile

The MTA-DE Research Group funded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences started to operate by the year of 2007. Its mission is to investigate and explore the health and health behavior of the Hungarian population (including Roma) in international comparison. The aim is to identify the main public health problems and their background, as well as the evidence-based interventions applicable to solve or at least mitigate them.

In the period of 2012-2020 the activity of the WHO Collaboration Centre on “Vulnerability and Health” was based on the human resources and research potentials of the Research Group.

It is deeply involved in the activities of the Public Health Genomics Section of the European Public Health Association.


Main (research) activities

  • identification and characterization of health determinants (especially nutritional and health behaviour factors) behind the early death of the Hungarian population
  • Socio-economical inequalities and anomalies in preventive medication in the background of premature mortality caused by diseases with high public health importance
  •  Epidemiological characterization (morbidity and mortality burden) of cardiometabolic diseases with special focus on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
  • Genetic susceptibility of the Hungarian general and Roma populations to different non-communicable diseases using the methodological arsenal of public health genomics
  • Studying genomic alterations associated with progression of malignant diseases
  • Investigating molecular background of drug-resistance in therapy of malignancies


Educational activities

  • Organizing the work (delegating head and secretary) of the Doctoral School of Health Sciences
  • Coordinating education in the framework of subjects “Basic oncology” (for medical students), “Public health” (for students in master courses of health psychology and complex rehabilitation), “Public health genomics” (for students in master course of complex rehabilitation), “Basic genetics” (for students in master course of health psychology), and participation in training activities   
  • Participation in teaching preventive medicine and public health for medical students
  • Participation in teaching environmental health for dentistry and pharmacy students
  • Supervising PhD students


Consultancy activities

Members of the Committee of Preventive Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Róza Ádány, Margit Balázs)

Doctoral representative of the V. Section of Medical Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Margit Balázs)

Member of the I. Doctoral Committee of the V. Section of Medical Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Róza Ádány)

Member of the Medical and Health Sciences Committee of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (Margit Balázs)

Member of the Expert Committee of Bólyai János Research Fellowship of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Margit Balázs)

President of the EUPHA Public Health Association Public Health Genomics Section (Ádány Róza)

Member of the Honorary Committee of the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (Ádány Róza)

European Journal of Public Health – member of the Editorial Board (Róza Ádány)

Frontiers in Public Health - Associate Editor (Róza Ádány)


Projects (ongoing)

GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00005 Increasing the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy through the identification of the target groups and contents of public health interventions, 2017-2021, 1.46 billion HUF (Róza Ádány)

TKI 11010 Development of new type screening methods to public health interventions against chronic non communicable diseases with high mortality risk, 2017-2022, 125 million HUF (Róza Ádány)

OTKA 135752 Molecular background of organ specific metastasis formation of human malignant melanoma, 2020-2023, 31.8 million HUF (Margit Balázs)

OTKA K135784  Genetic susceptibility and enviromental risk factors to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases int he Hungarian population,  2020-2024  47.76 million HUF (Ádány Róza)



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Róza Ádány, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor, e-mail:

Balázs Margit, PhD, DSc, Professor, e-mail:

Judit Diószegi, MD, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, e-mail:

Péter Pikó, Junior Research Fellow, e-mail:

Werissa Nardos Abebe, Junior Research Fellow, e-mail:

Viktória Koroknai, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, e-mail:

István Szász, Junior Research Fellow, e-mail:

Timea Kiss, Junior Research Fellow, e-mail:


Full time PhD Students

Krisztina Jámbor, e-mail:

Vikas Patel (Stipendium Hungaricum fellow), e-mail:

Erand Llanaj (Stipendium Hungaricum fellow), e-mail:

Kurshed Ali Abbas Mohammad (Stipendium Hungaricum fellow), e-mail:


Part time PhD Students

Tünde Várvölgyi, MD, e-mail:

Attila Juhász, e-mail:

Csilla Nagy, e-mail:

Magor Csongor Papp, MD, e-mail:


The most important news, events and results of the last two years:

25-26 April 2019 - Participation in the organization of the V4 Public Health Conference, Debrecen, Hungary

31 August 2020 – Participation in the organization of the COVID 19 symposium, Budapest, Hungary

Award of the Regional Director for outstanding contribution to the improvement of health of the European population – presented to Róza Ádány on 17 September, Copenhagen

H.R. Leavell Award 2020 of the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) presented to Róza Ádány, 16 October, 2020 – online closing ceremony of the 16th World Congress on Public Health


The most important events of the next year:

Closing symposium of the GINOP project (May 2021)