National Center for Spinal Disorders/ Buda Health Center

Full name of member institute/department or working group:
National Center for Spinal Disorders/ Buda Health Center
Address: 1126 Budapest, Királyhágó u. 1-3.

Dr. Varga Péter Pál, chief executive officer of Buda Health Center
dr. Hoffer Zoltán, director of National Center for Spinal Disorders
dr. Somhegyi Annamária Ph.D., director for prevention at National Center for Spinal Disorders
dr. Lazáry Áron Ph.D., director for research at National Center for Spinal Disorders
Leader’s contact:;;;

Description of the activities of the member institution as follows:
-    Main profile of the hospital is surgical and non-surgical treatment of degenerative spinal disorders as well as primary and secondary prevention.
-    Research area covers the development of surgical techniques and mapping of the genetical background of degenerative spinal disorders and tumors. Apart of the clinical follow up studies an in silico biomechanical laboratory was founded in the National Center for Spinal Disorders.
-    The hospital gives home to the Semmelweis University Orthopedic Department Spinal Care Unit which is involved with the orthopedic training of medical students.
-    Postgraduate and internal courses are regularly organized for doctors and other medical professions.
-    The primary prevention program of the Hungarian Spine Society started in 1995 is working from the very beginning in collaboration with the National Center for Spinal Diseases, and also professional symposia and conferences are regularly organized together.   
-    Professional activates carried out in the hospital are in the field of clinical and research of spinal disorders.

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Dr. Somhegyi Annamária Ph.D., director for prevention
1126 Budapest, Királyhágó utca 1-3,
E-mail:; Phone: +36302025317

The most important news, events and results of the last two years:

-    Annamária Somhegyi has participated in the strategy development of the National Public Health Program „Az ifjúság egészségfejlesztése” (“Youth health promotion”) and „Mozgásszervi betegségek megelőzése”(„Prevention of Musculoskeletal Diseases”).
-    Annamária Somhegyi took part in the conceptualization of the National Musculoskeletal Program (with prof. Dr. Poór Gyula) and the National Pediatric Health Program (with dr. Fekete Ferenc).
-    In 2018 Annamária Somhegyi was elected by the EMMI as the Hungarian national coordinator for the WHO „Schools for Europe Network Foundation” (SHE).
-    Annamária Somhegyi participated in the posture correction training modules organized by the Pedagogy Educational Centers.
-    One major focus of the research and development department was to enhance the quality of the Hungarian spinal research by cross culturally adapting and validating international gold standard patient reported outcome measurement tools into Hungarian language.

-    Annamária Somhegyi initiated and actively collaborated with the Penalty Enforcement Holding/Ministry for Home Affairs, a company taking part in manufacturing school furniture, for redesigning and resizing of school chairs in order to have a better spine protection for the students.
-    Annamária Somhegyi participated in the posture correction training modules organized by the Pedagogy Educational Centers.
-    Annamária Somhegyi participated in the SHE coordinated evaluation of the European school-based health promotion.
-    Annamária Somhegyi participated in the renewal of the SHE Manual for schools.
-    State-secretary Dr. Ildikó Horváth (Ministry of Human Capacities, Health Department) fully authorized Annamária Somhegyi to work for the holistic health promotion (HHP) in educational institutions in the name of the Health Department.
-    Annamária Somhegyi has started a series of articles in the SHE Newsletter to show the work for HHP in the Hungarian schools.  
-    Semmelweis University Orthopedic Department Spinal Care Unit was founded in the National Center for Spinal Disorders with Áron Lazáry as head of the unit.

-    Annamária Somhegyi shared her suggestions with the State Secretariat Responsible for Public Education (Ministry of Human Capacities) to make some corrections in the renewed national physical education curriculum and in the re-formulation of competencies for physical education teachers: she advised to include the special posture correction exercises more accurately - in order to achieve and automatize the biomechanically correct posture for school children.
-    Annamária Somhegyi collaborated with the Ministry of Human Capacities in organizing  a nationwide online study to follow up the implementation of HHP in the Hungarian schools, which was realized in February 2020.  
-    On 16th March 2020 - when the homeschooling system started in Hungary according to the COVID19 pandemic - the Hungarian Public Service Media started to broadcast a new series of teaching/learning programme to help teachers and school children in their digital teaching/learning on the National Television. On 17th March 2020. Annamária Somhegyi has launched a cooperation with the Hungarian Public Service Media to create and insert a new and special series of physical exercises into the teaching and learning programme of the National Television – so that children and their parents can participate in exercises without straining their spine and joints. As a result, the daily TV program called “Move at home!” (Mozogj otthon!) was created and broadcasted several times a day from 8th April until mid-august (with 130 episodes). The program was recognized and recommended by international forums such as the WHO SHE, the WHO HEPA and the EU OSHA.
-    Annamária Somhegyi actively participates in the work of the SHE: in renewing the regular evaluation and the standards and indicators applied for the measurement.
-    Professional postgraduate courses and laymen health development and prevention events are held in the newly established BEK Academy.
-    As a result of the changes in the clinical settings caused by COVID-19 pandemic the follow up study protocols and clinical registries were digitalized and modernized.

Important websites where many materials and videos are available for all:

Spinal prevention: (informations also in English)
Holistic health promotion (HHP) in schools: (informations also in English)