Department of Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Debrecen

Leader: Karolina Kósa MD PhD MSc Health Promotion, Full Professor, Director

Leader’s contact: 

Address:  Street: Móricz Zs. krt. 22. City: Debrecen zip code: 4032 country: Hungary 

Main profile

teaching, research, expert activities, psychological counseling of students, participation in patient care 

Main research activities

epidemiology and psychological consequences of childhood traumatization, mental health of children and youth, medicalization in contemporary health care, end-of-life decisions

Educational activities

teaching of psychology, behavioural medicine, bioethics, medical anthropology, medical sociology in bachelor, master and doctoral courses related to medical and health sciences; organization and teaching of the master course of health psychology; organization and teaching of theory for students of clinical psychology

Consultancy activities

interventions to reduce the long-term consequences of childhood traumatization, psychological counseling of students, cooperation with various clinical departments to improve patient care


related to reducing health inequalities, improving the mental health of university students, researching and ameliorating the long-term consequences of childhood trauma

Publications in 2020

  • Fábián B., Csiki Z., Bugán A. Alexithymia and emotion regulation in patients with Raynaud’s disease. J Clin Psychol 2020;76(9):1696-1704. 
  • Kósa K., Katona C., Papp M. et al. Health mediators as members of multidisciplinary group practice: lessons learned from a primary health care model programme in Hungary. BMC Fam Pract 2020; 21,19. 
  • Kőmüves S. Az eutanáziát integráló palliatív gondozás – a belgiumi modell. Kharón Thanat. Szle 2020; 24(1):36-46. 
  • Sándor A., Münnich Á., Molnár J. Psychometric properties of the maladaptive daydreaming scale in a sample of Hungarian daydreaming-prone individuals. J Behav Addictions. Online publication date: 06 Oct 2020 DOI:


  • Az evolúció árnyoldala [The shady side of evolution]. Gyuris P, Meskó N., Tisljár R. (eds.). Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest 2014. 
  • Úgy szerettem volna, ha nem bántottak volna– A családon belüli gyermekkori traumatizáció: elmélet és terápia. [I would have so loved not to be hurt – childhood traumatization in the family: theory and therapy] Kuritárné Szabó I., Tisljár-Szabó E. (eds.). Oriold és Társai Kiadó, Budapest 2015. 
  • Trauma-eredetű disszociáció – Elmélet és terápia [Trauma-based dissociation – Theory and therapy]. Kuritárné Szabó I., Molnár J., Nagy A. (eds.) Oriold és Társai Kiadó, Budapest 2018


The most important news, events and results of the last two years

  • 15 June 2018 – 20 years of the Department of Behavioural Sciences. Workshop and introduction of the jubilee publication for the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Department.  

The most important event of the next year

  • May 2021 – organizing and hosting the 17th National Workshop of Behavioural Sciences