University of Pécs, Medical School, Department of Public Health Medicine


Leader: Dr. István Kiss, full professor

Leader’s contact: / +36 72 536 394 

Address: 7624 Pécs Szigeti str 12

Main profile

In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate educational activities, the colleagues of our institute participate in various scientific research projects, health promotion projects, development of institutional and urban health plans, and give trainings on health and healthy lifestyle.

Main research activity

1.    Health Education and Nutrition Work-Group - István Kiss, Erika Balogh, Veronika Wolher, János Girán, Andrea Horváth-Sarródi:

  • Investigation of anthropometric, nutritional, biochemical and functional genomic parameters among adolescent competitive swimmers.
  • Effectiveness of health education and attitude-forming programs, emphasizing the importance of healthy nutrition in the development of workplace health.
  • Preparation of professional guidelines and health promotion programs.
  • The role of environmental awareness in our everyday life - Basic knowledge for upper secondary school students.
  • Health behavior of medical students, with special regard to their smoking habits, their determinants and sociocultural differences.
  • Assessing nutrition and lifestyle changes in type 2 diabetes.
  • Current issues in urban health.
  • Health plans, community health promotion models.
  • Investigation of obesity-related factors (eating habit disorder, depression) in obese adolescents.

2.    Mental Health Promotion Work-Group - Andrea Horváth Sarródi, Márk Virág (resident), István Kiss:

  • Invastigation of mental health parameters in different population groups.
  • Mental health invastigation of medical students as well as the influecing factors.
  • Develop effective interventions to improve mental health.

3.    Roma Health Promotion Work-Group - Kiss Zsuzsanna, Kiss István:

  • Study of the health status of minorities. Assessing the lifestyle and genetic factors behind the worse morbidity of the Roma minorities living in Hungary.
  • Health promotion projects in underprivileged social groups. Our goal is to develop and implement effective health promotion programs that seek not only to expand health-related knowledge but also to shape attitudes. This will make it possible to really see an improvement in health indicators for members of underprivileged groups.

4.    Homeless Health Work-Group - Zsuzsa Rákosy, Emese Nagy-Borsy

  • Investigation of specific health problems and health determinants of users of homeless care institutions. Develop prevention programs to improve the health of homeless people.

5.    Historical Demography Work-Group - István Kiss, Csaba Varga, Edit Murányi:

  • Working on hungarian population phenomeas since the 18th century. The main point of the research topic is denominational mortality in the early 20th century, but the contemporary connections between religion and health are also studied.

6.    Environmental Health Work-Group - Csaba Varga, Gellért Gerencsér, Katalin Szendi, István Szabó, Zoltán Gyöngyi:

  • In vivo and in vitro genotoxic effects of environmental particle exposure.
  • Experimental balneology: the biological effects of medicinal water and mud samples from the Carpathian Basin.
  • Bacterial mutagenicity studies on bottled mineral water samples.
  • Toxicological risk assessment of different samples using genotoxicological (Ames test, comet assay) and ecotoxicological (Eisenia test, seedling test) tests.
  • Investigation of the health effects of cadmium in an animal model.

7.    Clinical Balneology Work-Group - Katalin Szendi, Károly Berényi, Adrieen Hanzel, Balázs Németh

  • The anti-inflammatory effect of the Harkány medicinal water.

8.    Biomarker Work-Group - Zoltán Gyöngyi, Orsolya Horváth (PhD student) and Dávid Hegyi (PhD student):

  • Early detection of lung cancer using volatile organic molecules. differentiate of odor samples from lung cancer, COPD patients and healthy group using GC and dogs.

9.    Tumor epidemiology Work-Group - Kiss Zsuzsanna, Pozsgai Éva, Kissné Reményi Diána (PhD student ETK), Bartonicsekné Rasztik Rita Katalin (PhD student ETK), Kiss István:

  • Examination of knowledge and attitudes related to breast cancer and breast cancer screening as well as colon cancer and colon screening.
  • Incidence, characteristics, and predictors of admission of cancer patients in emergency departments.

10.    Nutrigenomics / Nutrition Epidemiology Work-Group - Timea Varjas, Gellért Gerencsér, Bence Raposa (PET ETK assistant professor), Zand Afshin (PhD student):

  • The role of high polyphenol supplements in altering the expression pattern of genes involved in tumorigenesis - animal model.
  • Artificial food additives - consumption and the risk of tumor formation - animal model.
  • Effect of dietary fats on carcinogenesis - animal model.

11.    Molecular epidemiology Work-Group - Zoltán Gyöngyi, Zsuzsa Rákosy, Bálint Bérczi, Gellért Gerencsér, István Kiss, Zsuzsanna Kiss:

  • Investigation of genetic polymorphisms in autoimmune diseases.
  • Investigation of the role of erythropoietin receptor variants in breast carcinoma.
  • Effect of allele polymorphisms on individual susceptibility to tumors.

12.    Balneology Work-Group - Csaba Varga, Adrienn Hanzel, Gellért Gerencsér, Katalin Szendi, István Szabó

  • Investigation of the health-related effects of Hungarian medicinal waters.

13.    Preventive cardiology Work-Group - Balázs Németh, Edit Murányi, István Kiss

  • The role of asymmetric dimethylarginine in cardiovascular disease prevention.

14.    New Challenges in Epidemiology Work-Group - Gellért Gerencsér, Bálint Bérczi, Katalin Németh

  • Investigation of the appearance of the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus, Skuse) in South Transdanubia and risk assessment of the vector diseases they spread.
  • Challenges caused by infectious diseases in the 21st century.

15.    Evidence in Medicine Work-Group - Lohner Szimonetta, Odgerel Baasan (PhD student), Anette Blümle (Studienzentrum, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg), Matthias Briel and Dmitry Griaznov, (Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Universitätsspital Basel)

  • Application of evidence-based medicine methods in the assessment of the situation of medical publications in Hungary.
  • Impact of investigator initiated trials and industry sponsored trials on medical practice (IMPACT).
  • The Adherence to SPIrit REcommendations (ASPIRE) Study.

16.    Participation in the KETLAK research project (Coordinated by the Institute fro Translational Medicine) – Translational and Populational Research/Action Group against the Coronavirus

  • Epidemiological coronavirus-research in Hungary
  • Development of recommendations against the coronavirus-epidemic
  • Implementation of a populational coronavirus-prevention program in Hungary


Educational activities

Undergraduate training

Postgraduate training
Specialist training

  • Preventive Medicine - Continuing Education Course
  • Environmental Health - Continuing Education Course

PhD training
PhD topics
University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine, Molecular Epidemiology of Tumors program (Dr. István Kiss)

  • Dr. Gyöngyi Zoltán
    • Gene polymorphisms in autoimmune diseases.
    • Early identification of diseases using volatile organic molecules.
  • Dr. Kiss István
    • Health knowledge, attitudes and health behaviors of the Roma population
    • Epigenetic factors – cancer risk and prognosis.
    • Role of genetic polymorphisms in cancer susceptibility.
  • Dr. Kiss Zsuzsanna
    • Investigation of factors influencing health status and development of health promotion programs in Roma communities.
  • Dr. Rákosy Zsuzsa
    • Health status and health behaviors of homeless people.
    • Nutritional habits and nutritional status of Hungarian high school students.
  • Dr. Varga Csaba
    • Balneoprevention.
    • Early biomarkers of occupational tumors.
    • Environmental nanotoxicology.
  • Dr. Varjas Tímea
    • Molecular epidemiological study of food additives.
    • Molecular epidemiological study of plant-derived bioactive compounds.

University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Health Sciences Preventive Oncology program (Dr. Kiss István)

  • Dr. Gyöngyi Zoltán
    • Clinical use of resveratrol.
  • Dr. Kiss István
    • Alternative and natural methods in prevention of tumors.
    • Investigation of the risks of hazardous waste treatment of health origin.
    • Chemoprevention of tumors.
    • Molecular epidemiology of tumors.
    • Genetic and genomic epidemiology
    • Environment and carciogenesis
    • The role of microRNAs in tumorigenesis and prevention
    • Primary, secondary, tertiary prevention among tumors
    • Nutrition and cancer
  • Dr. Rákosy Zsuzsa
    • Expression and function of erythropoietin receptor (Epo) variants in breast carcinoma
    • Assessing the nutritional status and eating habits of the homeless
  • Dr. Varga Csaba
    • The historical demography of Hungary
  • Dr. Varjas Tímea
    • Molecular epidemiology study of plant-derived bioactive compounds and food additives

PhD courses:

  • Dr. Kiss István: Clinical epidemiology (University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine)
  • Dr. Kiss István: Molecular carcinogenesis (University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Health Sciences)
  • Dr. Gyöngyi Zoltán: Meta-analysis of clinical trials (University of Pécs, Doctoral School of Health Sciences)

Consultancy activities

Dr. Girán János

  • WHO Healthy Cities project in Carpathian Basin - research consultant 
  • The Healthy City Foundation of Pécs - research consultant

Dr. Rákosy Zsuzsanna

  • Consultant for NNK and the EMMI State Secretariat for Health and Public Education, mainly in the field of school health promotion, addiction prevention and smoking prevention.
  • Consultant in the FEANTSA Health Cluster in connection with applications concerning the health of the homeless people.

Dr. Kiss István

  • European Commission: Evaluation of FP6, FP7 and Horizon2020 projects


  • Your Life @ Medical School – Implementation of the Health Plan at the Faculty (Yourlife@AOK)
  • Dr. Andrea Horváth-Sarródi
  • Your Life @ Medical School – Implementation of the Health Plan at the Faculty (Yourlife@AOK)

Publications (2019-2020)

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